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Tiger Eye Bracelet with Golf Bag Pendant

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Tiger Eye Bracelet with Golf Bag Pendant

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Tiger Eye, Smoky Quartz and Silver, helps to focus, eliminates negative energy, keeps a strong golf mindset

Included in the bracelet:

Tiger Eye 10mm – is a protective stone and is known as the stone for the mind.  It helps the mind to focus and allow for clear thinking to encourage a smooth swing and accurate shots.  It is both grounding and uplifting, encouraging feelings of self-worth and confidence to promote the mental game of golf.

Smoky Quartz 10mm – eliminates all negative energy.  Excellent antidote to stress and a much better swing when relaxed.  

Sterling Silver 4mm – keeps the golf mindset strong and more aligned with the flow of productive thoughts resulting in a smooth effortless swing.  It is an attribute of feminine energy, flexible enough to be molded into something better but strong enough to keep the core integrity intact.

Sterling Silver Golf Bag and Golf Clubs Charm