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Successful Woman Entrepreneur Bracelet1


Successful Woman Entrepreneur Bracelet1

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Citrine, Carnelian, Smoky Quartz, Green Aventurine, Tiger Eye & Amber - Successful  Woman & Entrepreneur, these bring wealth, health, happiness, prosperity, good fortune, success, opportunity, inventive, intuitive, creative, balanced, positive energy, peacefulness, strength, optimistic, joyful, confident and powerful!
Abundance and success are more than wealth and career advancement.  These stones are meant to bring the wearer all that is good in their business and personal life.  They also mean something slightly different to all that wear them.  It is a common belief that the more you wear the stones, the more positive energy is absorbed. Included in the bracelet:

Citrine – happiness, abundance and merchant’s stone...
Carnelian – stone of strength, self-worth bringing joy...
Smoky Quartz – helps soothe negative emotions replacing them with inner strength...
Green Aventurine – stone of wealth, health and good fortune...
Tiger Eye – stimulates wealth and prosperity, helps to retain it, grounding...
Amber – increase strength and attract success...
(various sizes of stones)