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Divine Love Tassel Necklace


Divine Love Tassel Necklace

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Morganite/Beryl, Divine Love Tassel Necklace – 
108 of some of the most beautiful semi-precious gemstone beads in morganite and other beryl family stones are a powerful universal stone of unconditional love...Divine love...and are a gentle stone. Included in the necklace:

Morganite/Beryl 8mm – deep peace bringing joy in & around us. Nurturing the emotional body.

Ice Flake Quartz 10mm - nurturing and energy balancing while removing negative energy

Sterling Silver beads, 4mm, to accent and is also used to calm and soothe emotions. Encourages us to develop and trust our intuition so that we can move through life. Strengthens core integrity.

Approximately 45” Length
Hand knotted between beads