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Dalmation Jasper & Onyx Kid's Bracelet


Dalmation Jasper & Onyx Kid's Bracelet

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Dalmation Jasper, Onyx and Silver, fortifies the spirit, strength and soothing

Included in the bracelet:

Dalmation Jasper 8mm – fortifies the spirit and encourages a sense of playfulness, returns the physical joy of just being. Encourages emotional harmony, strengthens family bonds, long term friendships and supports the body’s physical balance especially those in martial arts. Remarkably successful for calming, training and healing pets especially dogs. Offers a calming, happy energy, allowing you to see who is a true friend and to see through scams and hidden agendas. This is a stone of relationships.  It holds the energy of Dog Medicine, which teaches us about loyalty and unconditional love. This stone is a reminder that love, adoration, and companionship of a dog is healing and nurturing. With this stone in hand, focus on being loyal to yourself and loving yourself unconditionally.  This is a good stone for those that participate in the martial arts, tai chi, or chi gung.  Its strong association for balancing the yin-yang energy creates a vibration that helps you to capture the essence of this art for health and well-being.  It is a stone for veterinarian, animal communicator, or anyone who works with animals. It supports your body's physical balance.

Black Onyx 10mm – is strength giving. This stone promotes vigor, steadfastness and stamina. Imparts self-confidence and conveys the invaluable gift of wise decisions. Helps banish frustrations and grief, encourages self-control and resolves confusion. Assists in centering and aligning yourself with the higher states of consciousness so that you absorb the energies you require. 

Sterling Silver beads, 4mm, to accent and is also used to calm and soothe emotions. Encourages us to develop and trust our intuition so that we can move through life. Strengthens core integrity.

Butterfly Charm, silver plated.