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Copper Leather Cuff 1


Copper Leather Cuff 1

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Your cuff was made by hand cutting a piece from a sheet of raw copper, then heated (annealed), textured and hammered numerous times and the process continued until a polished and rich  unique cuff was achieved. The top layer of this cuff was a strip of raw leather that was hand dyed, sealed and hand woven through holes that were hammered into the copper.

All of my creations are individually designed and crafted by hand, so no two cuffs will be identical. This organic copper cuff bracelet, while sporting a rugged, rustic, primitive look, is lightweight and comfortable to wear and is the perfect weight for a woman or a man. You’ll be at home wearing it anywhere, from urban office, to dinner out, to casual and dress down weekends. Copper is said to stimulate the flow of energy and is a very grounding metal. It combats lethargy, passivity and restlessness. Cleans, recharges, revitalizes and works at the internal body level for healing. It is a common belief that copper naturally resists germs because of its antimicrobial properties.  Many people love copper for its ancient healing attributes.

Size: Approximately 8-inch wrist (cuff width 1 ½ inches)