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Chakra Bracelet #9


Chakra Bracelet #9

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Snowflake Obsidian, Red Jasper, Malachite, Rose Quartz, Turquoise, Sodalite, Fluorite.  

Chakras are defined as the wheels of rotating energy that are located throughout the body and have been used for healing therapy for thousands of years.  Energy flows within the physical body but the energy will also affect you emotionally, mentally and spiritually. There are seven major chakras.  Each chakra location has its own meaning, its own stones and its own colours that are used for awareness and consciousness.

Chakra Bracelet #9 - This group of special semi-precious gemstones are threaded onto a quality stretch elastic for flexibility and comfort and are bordered on each side with silver plated tubes.

Root – Snowflake Obsidian - Courageous, Transforms negative to positive, Reminds challenges in life are the precursors to a better way or improved life, Balances hormones throughout a woman’s life, Excellent stone for doulas, maternity nurses, pregnant or nursing mothers, new fathers

Sacral – Red Jasper - Grounded, Focused, Enhances creativity, Motivated, Stone of diligence & endurance, Stone of fertility, pregnancy and birth, Reactivates passion for living

Solar Plexus –Malachite - Grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually, Find balance within, Realign your mind with your heart, Use your heart as your center of thought, Feel love for yourself and all beings.

Heart – Rose Quartz - Compassion, Kindness, Unconditional & all types of Love, Nurturing, good stone for grief

Throat – Turquoise - Activates creativity, Helps you speak your truth with love and beauty, Exceptionally beneficial for any kind of writing and communication, Inspiration for mental blocks.

Third Eye – Sodalite - Meditation, Study aid & helps maintain focus, Cancels angry, vindictive or negative thoughts, Good stone for inventors, students, teachers, athletes, physical therapists & meditation practitioners

Crown – Fluorite - Focus, Enjoys learning, a genius stone, Excellent for meditation, Goes with the flow & embraces challenging emotions, Feels with your heart, the spirit & gives peace of mind, Maintains courage & self-confidence, Helps to stay on course with fitness plan with strength and endurance.